Blessings and love to you all beautiful souls. I hope you are all well and I´m sending love to all of you.

Our body is a magical thing, so is our mind, and I believe we are all capable of much more than what we believe, we just need to come into deeper connection with ourselves and also open up to receiving and learn to let go and release.

Letting go, releasing and healing is a very difficult task. We are living in this society that are training us to be perfect and having perfect lives without any mistakes, without any traumas. Allowing healing to happen is so important if you want to be the best version of yourself and if you want to live a healthy life.

The body stores everything , everything that we experience the body remember, so even though your mind has forgotten about it the body will hold on to the experiences, both good and bad. So when you at a later time in life experience something similar to experiences you have had before the body will recognise this and behave in the samme manner, and also the trauma stored in the body will keep growing, they will be blockages in your system.

I have personally started to dive deep into my own traumas and blockages. For the last six months I´ve had some very difficult past-experiences reoccur into my life. I went to a few workshops that triggered the traumas that I had buried deep down for many years. The past-experience came back and hit me hard, bot emotionally and physically. 

This experience made me realise how important it is to allow yourself to have emotional trauma release.
I personally want to be the best version of myself, and allowing the mind and the body to let go of past experiences is so vital for personal growth, for your health and for your own happiness.


Receive healing from a healer, reiki, shamanic, etc

Deep breathing and sound release 

Yoga & Meditation
My favourite is practising yin yoga.

Shaking the body out, releasing tensions.

Physical contact-work with a practitioner
acupuncturist, osteopat, massage therapist, etc.

letting go and manifesting

Sharing circles 
Being heard and feeling safe while you share.

Crying, laughing, shouting 
allowing yourself to feel the emotions as they occur and release them out.

Being in nature